Is one exercise better than another?

Hi, I am trying to debunk my rules around exercising. I realize now how I have so many manuals for everything (trying not to judge myself for that one) but a big one is how I created a belief that unless I am running or maxing out on my bike exercise is not real or it doesn’t count.

If I let that belief go, I am afraid I won’t exercise “hard” enough and become more unhealthy or mentally weak.

I know I have opinions that I don’t want to be mentally weak, or take the easier way out, or taking the easy way out is less than in some respect. I miss the days when I would want to exercise for fun.

At some point my body really responded to those changes, I opened up a fitness studio and now my worth is wrapped up in my fitness level and my brain has linked to it how hard I work out.

I want to let this belief go, any coaching is helpful. I want to bring newness and drop what I think I know about movement and go into having different fitness experiences with curiosity and not checking the box that I “crushed” myself for the day.