Is protocol for me

Good morning Brook. I have worked very hard on myself for the last year and I have found your podcast about a month ago and it has been a truly mind blowing experience. I have stopped snacking between lunch amd dinner. I have stopped snacking when I watch tv and I habe gone though that desire and I dont feel it any more. Now I am 5’6″ and I weight 165 lbs. I think my ideal weight is 145 lbs but I have a body shape where weight is accumulated on my belly and a bit on my back amd arms. I am also very cheeky 😉.

My question is if I do the protocol I know some of this weight will slide right of, bit previous experiences it will be from my legs,face and chest and my belly will stay. That is not necesarily what I want. I would very much like to loose my belly weight and not loose my cheeks. I know we dont choose but in you experiwnxes with clents is it better to go slow? If I dont desire as much candy and dont snack betwen meals my diet is ok and I think I can slowly lose weight but does that matter? I belive if it slower there will be less sagy skin since its not too.much weight but I am not sure I can lose the belly weight since it is my body shape and has it too. Thank you.