Is there a focus this month for people who don’t need to lose weight?

should we still listen to the lose 8 lbs videos this month and try to get something else out of it? I have to say that I was disappointed that two out of my 4 months with scholars have been about weight loss… something I don’t need. But I know I can choose what I want to think about that! So I’m looking for the best new thought to create excitement instead
C I was so excited to see what the next months topic would be And it ended up being something that does not apply to me
T I’m not getting out of scholars what I had hoped
F disappointment
A don’t participate as much
R don’t get as much out of it.

T there is so much material available for me to learn on my own and I can look forward to being included next month.
F excitement and disappointment?
A look though the study vault and choose something I need to focus on this month.
R grow in someway this month That I wouldn’t have without scholars.