Is there anyone you think you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to help?

Here is my story: I have pretty severe mental health issues, I have tried over 20 different medications and seen many different therapists and nothing has helped me at all. Medications have given me severely bad side effects that made things worse rather then better. And then I found the life coach school podcast and things started to change in my life. I started feeling like I had control over my mental health and things starting to changing in my life, physically and mentally. My family life got better. My money situation got better. My everything started improving in ways I didn’t think where even possible. It actually makes me want to cry beacuse I didn’t believe before that there was a way to decrease my suffering. I am so grateful for all the progress I made and I am starting to believe that I could create a path for people with severe mental health issues to improve their lives.

But recently my mental health has taken a turn for the worse. I have this negative voice in my head that keeps telling me I am too screwed up for this to work on me, that Brooke doesn’t work with people that are as screwed up as I am. And this belief has kind of prevented me from fully showing up in self coaching scholars and making the progress I could be making.

I keep thinking that I will get kicked out if I show who I really an because obviously I am too messed up for this! But it is time for me to give up this belief so I can start making the progress I want to make and I know I can make! So I am being vulnerable, putting it all on the line and saying that I am really messed up, but I have used the tools you teach and they have really helped me in incredible and amazing ways, and I am asking, is it ok for me to bring more severe mental health issues to the coaching calls and to the questions?

I really don’t want to use this as something it wasn’t intended to be, when I first started using this program I was in a pretty good place mentally but lately I have not been doing so good so I just want to know if it’s alright for me to bring my more severe issues to the table.

Thanks for everything you do, and whatever you say, I will be so thankful for everything I have gained from this and all the ways it has helped me improve my life.