Is This a Boundary or a Manual

Is this a boundary or a manual? My guess is a little of both.

I moved in with my boyfriend three years ago. His grandma, who’s been dead for like 15 years, had a cuckoo clock. She left it to my boyfriend’s uncle in her will. The clock is still in our house.

At Christmas I asked my boyfriend to help me take it to the basement. He said “Hold on wait. let me talk to my dad first.” Dad said “No you can’t move it to the basement sorry, it might get damaged somehow.” Boyfriend said “We’ll leave it upstairs for now, but I’ll work to get it back to my uncle (who lives 1 minute away).”

So now it’s almost the end of February, and the cuckoo clock is still here.

If it WERE hypothetically a boundary that this clock has somehow violated, I could technically call the uncle and arrange for him to come pick it up, or I say “Hey I’ll load it up myself and drive it over there. What time would be good to do that?”

However, that would be severely going behind my boyfriend’s back to do this.

I already attempted to somewhat enforce a boundary at Christmas when I wanted to move it to the basement so I at least didn’t have to stare at it all the time, but could have it hidden away, even if it still lives in the house. But this is where it becomes unclear, technically if it were a real boundary I would have said “um no, it’s going in the basement unless you want to come and get it (dad or uncle).”

But, would it count if I said “Hey boyfriend, if you haven’t arranged for the uncle to come get it or you drop it off by (hypothetically) February 28th, 2022, I will be taking it to the basement myself where it will live until/if you decide to do anything with it.”

But the other part of this is like… do I even have the AUTHORITY to enforce a boundary? It’s not my cuckoo clock. There’s a lot of gray area with this because it’s not MY uncle, I barely know him because he’s my boyfriend’s uncle. AND if I did hypothetically reach out to the uncle to arrange for the clock, I feel like his whole family would judge me and be mad at me for doing that, like I’ve completely overstepped or something.

But I also fucking hate this cuckoo clock and I want it gone and I’m tired of other people telling me what I can and can not do to items in MY house, and I’ve suffered long enough.