Is this a good boundary or do I need the model?

I have been dating someone new for about 2 months now. We get along great, but he is always complaining about his job – specifically that he doesn’t feel like he got enough training. I do know his manager, so I can agree that he probably did not get enough training, but I am starting to dread seeing his name pop up on my phone when he calls. My thought is that he either needs to accept that he isn’t going to get training and figure it out on his own or else find a new job which leaves me feeling really annoyed because I feel like all he does is complain instead. So is this a boundary issue? I am thinking something along the lines of “If you complain to me without having done something to make the situation better, I will end the phone call.” My concern is that while this does get me out of a conversation I don’t want to be in, I still feel annoyed, which is not how I want to feel about him.