Is this a thought/belief or a fact?

I was on the Beliefs call but didn’t get called on — next time, maybe!

I’ve heard from multiple sources that past performance (or results) doesn’t indicate future results. This makes sense. Is this a fact or a belief?

I’ve lost 55+ pounds on a low carb protocol as a type 1 diabetic, but I’m having difficulty reconciling that “fact” with looking to the future to lose the last 35. I’ve been plateauing for about a year and I don’t know if I should look at my past results as proof that I can get down to a real healthy adult weight which I’ve never been at before. Every loss on the scale is a new low now.

But every time I think I need to start fresh it’s painful because it took so long to reach the point where I stopped believing past non-results (the years of weight gain and cycles researching weight loss until I finally tried low-carb and hit the magic button) but I also don’t want to contradict the fact (if it’s indeed a fact) that what got me here won’t get me there.

Can you help me run a model on this?