Is This A Thought Or Circumstance?

I was given an opportunity that I didn’t expect to happen until some time next year. (yay!)

I’m so excited and thankful, but also a little hesitant. Honestly, I’m not prepared. I’m just not qualified…yet!

I keep flip flopping on if that is a thought or circumstance:
“I’m not prepared for this.”

When I think of this opportunity, I really do view it as a fact that I’m not ready. But is that really a thought or a circumstance? Can it be both?

Part of me feels like I need to be upfront and honest so the parties involved can manage their expectations, but I also don’t want to talk myself out of a great opportunity.
I think figuring out if this is a thought or circumstance will help me decide what to do next. (Action line)

The only thing I’m sure of is the result line I want: to kick ass and rock this opportunity!