is this a time to constrain my focus?

Thanks in advance!
My circumstance is my upcoming visit to my in-laws.
Usually, I set goals about my work, exercise, food, and attitude for these trips. I’m currently in a great spot regarding work and exercise, meaning that I have no doubt that I’ll do the amount of work and exercise I’m committed to doing during the visit. I’ve had amazing coaching the past few weeks about my attitude/thoughts about my in-laws. Thank you amazing coaches! I’m also in a great spot with my food and not overeating. As I look forward to the visit, I want to commit to following my food protocol 100%. That feels really good. I have the empowering thought “I know that I will feel amazing and grateful afterwards when I’ve stuck to my protocol.”

However, I’m not sure that I can maintain a good, open attitude about my in-laws, yet. I recognize that’s also a thought. Is this an okay time to constrain my goals for myself? So, 100% on work, exercise, and food, but a bit less than 50/50 with my attitude. As in, “it’s possible (likely/certain?) that I’ll still have some irritating thoughts about my in-laws during/after this trip; I’ll do my best to stay present; I can do models on anything I’m uneasy about afterwards; I bet there might be other Scholars out there in similar situations, and I’d tell them ‘You got this friend!'” Oh, as I’m typing this, I realize that maybe the “100%” isn’t supposed to be having a “perfect” attitude. Whoops. Maybe it’s aiming to be present and support myself. Thanks for the opportunity to type this out, and I welcome your feedback and suggestions!