Is this binge eating?

I am healthy weight, my friends would describe me as fit or skinny. I follow a no dairy/no sugar/no grain diet most of the time. I enjoy my diet and don’t feel deprived.
I have found alternatives to treats and baked goods that I really like.

But there are some foods that I enjoy so much I have a hard time saying no to them so I rarely keep them in my house.
For example when I do occasionally buy a bag of dried mango to treat myself, I keep going back to it over and over until it’s gone. I don’t eat it in a furious rush, rather I’ll have some, go back to what I was doing, think I would like some more, and repeating that until it’s gone.

So I don’t keep food like that in the house. Instead I might purchase something like that once or twice a month.
When I don’t have them around, I don’t crave or miss them.

I never consider this binge eating, because I I’ve never struggled with weight, and it’s not something I do very often, only when that very delicious treat is in my house. But now that I’ve been in LCS for a month and learning about urges and having control over them- I’m wondering if this is a form of bingeing that I need to work on.

if my intention from my higher self is just to have one serving to enjoy while taking a break or watching TV, but then I keep going back to the bag and finish all five servings….
Is that bingeing? Sometimes I feel disappointed that I ate it all instead of just eating the one serving I thought I would eat.

And also, Now that I’m looking over what I’ve written, I’m wondering if maybe I’m being too strict with myself? I worked to create a lifestyle where I meal plan and eat foods that make me feel good and support my health. When I indulge, it’s because I planned ahead and choose to purchase some thing that I consider a treat. Maybe I should allow myself to enjoy the whole thing and not tell myself to eat one serving and then tease myself and keep going back for more and more until it’s gone. Or is that a cop out to justify eating a whole bag of dried mango?