Is This Discomfort Normal?

I am a brand new scholar and spent last week watching the stop overeating program.
Before I joined scholars I also decided to quit caffeine, starting December 1st, after being a heavy drinker and saw it didn’t do me good.

So I created myself an impossible protocol that I started three days ago:
No flour, no sugar, no grains of any kind, no snacking, no caffeine, no alcohol, and intermittent fasting of about 16 hours a day.
I planned for my meals to be at 12pm and at 6pm: veggies, protein and fat.

I understood that I will have flu-like withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine, sugar and wheat and I definitely have them.
My body aches like in a flu, my head explodes with pain, I cannot think about anything else but my next meal, I am in bed since 5pm till 5am, and I shiver and feel I am about to faint most of the day.
I understand I need to ride this discomfort but wonder if I took on more than my body can handle.

I understand that Brooke recommends not to start with IF right away but I thought if I am going to suffer anyway, may as well bite on the whole pack straight up.
I just want to know if the shivering and pains are normal or if it’s possible that I am forcing my body to fast when it’s not ready for it yet?