Is this for Real?

Hi Brooke
When I was a child I ate one egg and when forced to half a piece of toast for breakfast. The rest of food was a battle. I was just never hungry and fine with it.
As an adult I became overweight after four children only in my early 40s when I went to work in an office and thought I had to eat breakfast snacks lunch dinner and the ‘morning tea’ once a fortnight like everyone else.
The amazing thing is that although the day I joined up to Scholars I would have said no way would I be able to resist the urges, desire and withdrawals, it has been the opposite.
The first three days I had a mild headache and some panic around sweets in the house and really felt the urges etc strongly, after that I completely went back to what I did naturally when a younger thin woman. When I was 18 – 40 I only ate at around 4pm when I was hungry and ate whatever I wanted and that was it for the day and did not put on any weight. I can easily fast now from 7pm to 12noon and not even feel hungry and then fast until 5pm or whatever time I decide. I do get hungry at about level 8 but could cope with it and defer eating. Also, I thought it amazing that day one I said a -4 hunger would be ‘totally unbearable and I would feel like I was dying’!! haha. A massive change in one week.
My point is – is that it?! * Is it really possible for my body to put up a white flag and give up the overeating? It just seems surreal. (Am I in some way delusional/ hiding from my emotional work?)
I have some another questions as well please. *What amount of fruit do you think would be ideal? *When would we eat the fruit – straight after a meal?
Thank you for the 6 LBs I have lost this week!!!! It took me all year to lose 2 LB last year…
You are an Angel… **Fairy dust sprinkle here** Andrea