Is This How To Do This Week’s Work?

I’m working on this week’s work. My TD is basically about my 6 year old having a meltdown after a busy weekend with late bedtimes. She cried for 40 minutes per my husband. I was at work. He called me to speak with her. I was between patients, so I was able to talk with her. I tried my best with her, but apparently she continued after we hung up. On my way home, hubs was mad, frustrated and done. I in turn got mad because he was mad at the child and then I became resentful because when this type of stuff happens, I feel like I’m not being a good Mom and should be home. I resent him for not being the ‘good Mom’ and for not having an outside job. I found myself judging me and him – which obviously doesn’t help anyone. Here are my models:

UM C: L cried for 40 minutes at bedtime.

T: I should be home being the Mom.

F: resentful.

A: get mad at hubs, mad at me, judge everything harshly, buffer to not feel it.

R: go to bed mad, overeat.

IM: C: L cried for 40 minutes at bedtime.

T: she needs to learn to calm herself.

F: in control of me/calm.

A: Allow it to play out without judgement.

R: Eventually L will figure it out and I won’t be mad at Hubs,I can continue to be the Badass mom/provider/woman I am.

The first feeling: resentful. This is an unwanted feeling, but one to allow. I don’t want to feel it, but, it’s important to notice when it comes up because it causes me to push away my loved ones and makes me want to be right. I also see I tend to want to change the C line to avoid it. (I should work from home) Instead, I should be working on the T line.

The second feeling: in control of me. This is how I want to feel. I can still be upset about the C, but, I can note it and look for a better response for me and my loved ones and allow for growth all around.

Is this close to what we are supposed to be seeing?