Is this me allowing an Urge?

I’m following Brooke’s instructions to plan my food 24hrs ahead. I planned a particular type of pre-packed salad (salad 1) which I had to buy for my lunch on the day; but an hour before going to the shops I wanted another type of pre-packed salad (salad 2). I went into the shop still wanting to buy salad 2; I even picked up salad 2 with the intention of buying it – but at the last minute I told myself that salad 2 was not what I had planned and I could put it on my plan for tomorrow and ended up buying salad 1 which I ate as planned. I’m not sure of the sensations in my body as the entire process happened so quickly – I was more aware of the thoughts than the feelings.
Was this me allowing an urge? Usually when I try to tune into how the urge feels in my body – it disappears.