Is this model correctly conceived

Hi Brooke,
My drink plan this week was not to drink until Friday. My husband is away and my good friend is away and for the past 3 days I have been pretty much alone. I started getting really depressed last night mind was telling me that I have no friends and that everyone else is being social and you are a loser. I ate more than I should have (I do not have a weight problem tho) but didn’t drink. This morning I went to the gym and then came home and watched your July 27 2nd call when you were talking about how we need to experience the bad stuff and not buffer in order to appreciate the joy.

My model this morning went like this:
C: Alone
T: I need to experience the lonesomeness so I then can appreciate the joy of being with my husband this holiday weekend.
F: Hopeful and Relieved
A: Continue not to buffer through drinking this week
R: Happy with myself each morning and feeling physically good each morning

I really feel better today. Is this the way I should be using the model?