Is this my gut or a negative thought?

I am trying to make a big career decision right now…Currently I teach voice and acting lessons out of my home studio…I also teach acting at a near by University. I’m very busy but I’m liking what I’m doing. I just got introduced to the full world of life coaching in April and have been hooked ever since. I feel like that is a missing component in my current career and I want to start offering coaching for creatives to help them get to their potential…and stop the negative mind chatter. So much of performing is not just talent based but mind driven as well. These past few month I’ve been considering quitting my University job and working on growing my voice, acting, and now coaching business. I love what I do!!! However, the head of my dept at the University is retiring and has specifically asked me to apply for her job. My question is this: How do I decipher whether my gut is telling me that applying is wrong? and not what I want? versus my thoughts just being negative (as they do) and stopping me from something really great? Currently, I feel like I HAD a path and knew what I wanted…but I’m also fighting pleasing others. I want to know if my gut is giving me an answer or if it’s a negative thought that needs to go in a model. I feel like we’ve been given that intuition to guide and help us….however it’s so tricky to put an intuitive thought into a model….or is it? Any feedback on how to break this down would be AMAZING!! Feeling so many feelings….thinking so many thoughts…that I cant’ seem to get clarity on the situation.