Is this my thought or someone else’s thought?

I’m interested in your take on this phenomenon. I grew up in a family where the paranormal was normal. I was around people who had obvious psychic abilities, clairsentience, seeing auras, healing touch, and I learned many of those modalities myself. One of the questions I was taught to ask was “Is this my thought or someone else’s thought?”

For example, I once moved into a house. I had a self contained suite on the top floor, and an old Italian lady lived on the main floor. As soon as I moved it, I started feeling depressed, even though it was a beautiful home overlooking the ocean and my life was going great. I even had suicidal thoughts, especially when I interacted with the woman downstairs. That had never happened to me before. One day her brother came to visit and I chatted with him briefly. He said he checks up on her, because she is depressed and suicidal. When I moved all the depression went away.

So, sometimes I feel feelings and have thoughts that don’t seem relevant to my life. That’s when I ask the question “Is this someone else’s thought?” Sometimes I get a YES. I now live in a big apartment building, so it could be anyone.

What’s your take on this phenomenon? Would I only have someone else’s thought because it’s also true for me on some level. If not, do you have suggestions for “not jumping into the pool” with people you may not even know or talk to?