Is this normal?

So, I have been at this work for about one month. The more I try on new thoughts and practice them the more I see results and changes in my life. And its kind of crazy how different things have become in just one month. Many good things are happening! I can’t believe it! I also notice that I have many urges to sabotage. I really feel this energy in my heart area… almost like the excitement is too much to handle. Then I want to drink to push that feeling down. The feeling is like my heart chakra is too open and I am not used to it. Its TOO exciting. I see myself making progress and then wanting to sabotage by quitting, not responding to people who want to enroll in my business, etc. I want a day where I can just zone out and not think about any of this. Its too much! I am frustrated to think that the feeling of excitement is too much.

C The work in scholars
T It works like magic
F Tremendous excitement
A wanting to run away, urges to drink, urges to procrastinate, wanting to check out/sabotage
R I am frustrated by the battle in my brain

C The work in scholars
T ?
F ?
A ?
R I do not have to fight my brain constantly

Thanks for any help!