Is This Program Actually For Me Or Not?

I have been overeating on and off for the 4 decades that I am alive. I overeat, gain weight, find a new diet, stick to it, lose the weight, then start overeating again, gain it back and so on and so forth.

I always used to be employed, graduated with a Master degree, married and have a loving social and family life.

In the last year since I have left my day job and decided to become a full-time writer, I found myself struggling even more with boundaries for myself around doing what I said I was going to do as well as overeating. In fact, I feel they are now somehow related.

Each morning when I schedule to sit down and write, I instead go to a cafe and eat a bagel and many times will also bring to my home office a few pastries to have with me for the rest of the day.

I have been experiencing immense resistance to start a protocol after watching the Stop Overeating course and it’s been months that I am not following through and am eating whatever I want whenever I want.

In that sense, the overeating habit debilitates me from doing the writing and showing up.

When I looked into one of Brooke’s webinar about overdrinking, as I know many scholars have been using the same tools there for eating issues, she mentioned that her method for dealing with over-desire isn’t for people whose habit debilitates them and only for those that are functioning well.

This is the source:

Starting at Minute 6:18 she says: “My program… is not for someone who is non functioning… where it got to the point where it’s debilitating your life, you cannot function in your life. If you got to that point it’s much more appropriate for you to consider going to rehab… and consider other options out there.”

How will I know if this program is for me or if I should go to rehab?
What is falling under the umbrella of non-functioning, debilitating as Brooke defines it?