is this really possible?

Hi coaches,

A friend of mine knows that I love the LCS and that I’m part of scholars.  She knows that I joined to learn to increase my sales and my business, and possibly be a part of certification.

She sent me an article written by a journalist who interviewed previous coaches from the LCS, who have left.  Something that was written in the article was that most of the coaches that this person knew, had little to no paid clients and that the steps only work for a select few.

My first thought was ‘I knew it was too good to be true’ but then on further inspection I thought to myself “everyone’s case is different, we don’t know the thoughts that these people who are complaining were operating from’. They must have had some thought errors.

This all came in at a terrible time, because I had just worked on increasing my pricing for coaching this month and now I have a new thought that appeared ‘people are struggling to get clients, you could never charge that’ and questioning if it really is possible.

Please help coach me on this!