Is this right for me?

Hello Brooke . My name is Carolyn and will turn seventy in February. I joined Scholars in I believe August to become involved in the weight loss programme. I have struggled all my adult life with weight issues. After listening to some of your pod cast your information resonated with me. I had some success in the beginning and lost nine pounds. Then our life sort of exploded with all good things but all consuming things. I did not quit and continued with each month at arms length. My husband who is very supportive kept asking about the monthly payments but I just kept asking him to hang in with me.
Since August we have sold two homes, one in Georgia ( we are Canadian) and our home in Canada. We purchased a condo in Florida shortly after ourclose on Georgia and purchased a down sized home in Canada which we have spent the last four months renovating. We have also during this time transferred our business to our son and son-in-law. We have almost completed all of the above.
I have been following December’s impossible goal and want to get back to my weight issues. I would like to lose sixy five pounds. Do you think I am crazy? Is this even possible?
I have been a silent member. I loved what I have learned but everyone seems so much younger. Is there room in your programme for seniors?
Please advise,