Is this still a "valid" impossible goal?

For my impossible goal, I picked getting a new house (exact model, floorplan) in a specific community. The house I’m going to own (future pacing ;P) starts at $716K for the base model, but I will have all the upgrades, amenities, and a pool. That, in and of itself, seems lofty, but not impossible. So, to make it impossible, I decided that I will only pay $50K for it. But, the LOA kicked in immediately. I showed my wife the house and she started talking about one of her customers buying a house near there that was >$1M for $80K. That, in my mind, brings it back into the realm of possibility since “if it’s possible for someone, it’s possible for me”. That being said, since we just got into this, should I stick with this goal or change to something even “more” impossible?