Is time available a circumstance or a thought?

I’m noticing that I’m coming up against time scarcity vs time abundance in terms of how it relates to my schedule and scheduling time for coaching, free time, and time to work on my business.

I want to quit my job, and while I’m still working I’m noticing that I’m thinking it will be better over there because I’ll have more time for all those things – fun, coaching, business, free time, etc.

And in a way, it’s a circumstance, yeh? Like in a given week I schedule X hours for work, and if I weren’t scheduling them in for work then I’d be available to schedule those X hours to whatever else I wanted.

Do you think I’m missing something?

I’m trying to find where the “time scarcity” for this is, versus the facts of the situation.

I know that in Monday Hour One, there’s also the concept of it not being the right time to do something in a certain season in life. Like maybe it’s not the right time right now to schedule so much for coaching, fun, free time, business, etc. So maybe I’m kinda in the right to state the facts this way – I have 168 hours, X of those are for work, and that’s just that.

Let’s take this current model for example:

C: X hours scheduled for work
T: I don’t have enough time for myself while I’m still working
F: Impatient
A: Schedule X hours for work, overschedule my calendar so my experience is frantic during the day – or under schedule my calendar and have new thoughts like “I didn’t schedule enough for my business”, cancel on non-work events easily when work comes up,
R: Not enough time for myself?

It’s like I’m going back and forth between the thoughts “I don’t schedule enough for my business” and “My day is too frantic” in different weeks when I’m scheduling and I’m having a hard time finding something in between. And often it does just seem like a circumstance I can’t control – I work X hours per week, period. I get these results done for work, and this week that means X hours scheduled.

I’m having a hard time finding some new thoughts because it just feels so factual that I’ll have more time later: I’ll have X more hours.

So maybe there’s another way of breaking this down, or a new thought to think now that does take into account that those X hours will come into play when I do quit my job?