Is wanting to feel full an urge? (NP)

Hi Coaches,

I am doing the stop-overeating work since October and I have great result (down from BMI 30 to BMI 25, which is 19 kg less). I want to be mid-BMI, so roughly 8 kg to go. I listened this morning to Katrina in the last overeating call. She called herself a “volume eater” and it struck me as exactly my problem. I don’t have much desire for specific food, and I have been eating healthy foods for as long as I remember, but I like to eat big plates, and to fill really full at the end of the meal, I’d say around a 6 on the hunger scale. The quantities now on my protocol are usually leaving me at a 1 or 2. Often I drink broth or herbal tea at the end of my meal and it helps me feeling full, but it feels like cheating or buffering. Do you think I could treat my desire to fill full as an urge, to try to get rid of it? Maybe it doesn’t go away because I am white-knuckling it.

My current unintentional model :
C : meal
T : I am tired of feeling hungry. I want to be full.
F : unsatisfied, frustrated
A : drink herbal tea
R : lose weight but still want to feel full, and obsess about my next meal

Another model (that actually coexists in my mind)
C : meal
T : hunger is the currency to reach my goal weight
F : determined
A : sit thinking about hunger and food
R : lose weight but think obsessively about my next meal

I an turning VIP in 10 days, and I am super excited to dive into the stop-overeating masterclass!