Isolating the facts from my thoughts

Hi coaches. I’ve been working on learning how to isolate facts from thoughts & I still have trouble with this! So I thought I’d ask for your help with it. Here are some examples of negative thoughts I have in the area of being a parent to my 13 year old son. I have tried to describe my thoughts & then isolate the facts – but unclear whether I’m on the right track

T: son doesn’t speak enough (of our home language) & I feel terrible about that
T: son is a terribly fussy eater which makes me very worried but also guilty and self accusing
T: the pandemic has taken its toll and son doesn’t have enough friends, I worry he is isolated, disconnected
T: son doesn’t know how to tidy!! I haven’t taught him good enough routines. Self attack for that.
T: we don’t eat dinner as a family as much as I’d like. (There used to be lots of drama attached there, and self attack, but this has improved hugely by simple actions)

What are the facts ?
Son speaks some of our home language
Son eats food
Son has some friends
Son has a room
We are a family & eat food

Am I on the right track?