Issue about a relationship

I did a Model today about one of my relationships, and I wondered if you could help me with my intentional Model.

The context is, several years ago, when I was in emotional need, one of my grandmother’s friends decided to help me by being a presence in my life. We began to see each other regularly, and we became friends, despite the age difference.
However, recently, she had a conflict with my grandmother and decided not to talk to her anymore.

Here’s my Model :

C: She decided not to talk to my grandmother anymore.
T: She is my grandmother’s friend more than she is my friend.
E: I feel awkward.
A: I don’t contact her anymore, and I answer briefly when she does.
R: I don’t enjoy this relationship as much.

I know that I could choose to change my thought about the circumstance to be friends with her still, but I’m not sure if it’s really what I want. I

‘m confused. Do you have any tips for me?