Issues on the weekends (an)

Hi Brooke,
I seem to have established a patter where I stay on protocol all week and then when it gets to be time for my planned drinking and/or joy eat, I completely blow it. Which results in me gaining back all the weight I have lost during the week. Looking back, I have done this since I joined. This is also part of the reason I do so much better alone. When I get around my friends and wine and tons of food, my “allowing” ability diminishes. Although I have done many models on this, I can’t seem to find a thought that is able to override the desire at the time. Can you help with some ideas?
C-Weekend food/wine
T-I’ve earned this now and I can lose weight later
F-Deprived, tons of desire
R-Gain back all weight lost all week, deprive self of goals
C-Wkd food, wine
A – Stay on plan, allow urges, go home earlier
R – Don’t gain weight, get closer to goals, feel proud of self
Thanks so much,