Issues with mother

Hello awesome people,
My issue is that my mother doesn’t like my fiance very much. We are planning on moving in together and getting married. When I talk to her and the conversation turns to my fiance or us living together or getting married there is an odd feeling in the air. My mother thinks I could do better.
I understand that she thinks one way and I think another. And that that’s fine.
So do I just get used to that really uncomfortable feeling until I’m fine with it and it isn’t an issue for me anymore?
I understand that my emotions are feeding off how I think my mother feels about my fiance and us being together.
So do I just sit with the uncomfortableness of it?
Oh no! Anything rather than experience an emotion! Couldn’t I just drink alcohol and eat instead? (joke)

C: I have a fiance (yay! – it’s ok I recognise yay is an emotion)
T: my mother doesn’t like my fiance
F: feel inadequate
A: squirm
R: feel very awkward and uncomfortable


C: I have a mother
T: think my mother thinks I make wrong choices because she doesn’t like my fiance
F: inadequate
A: retreat into myself because she thinks I make wrong choices
R: believe I can only co-exist alongside my mother if I accept that I make wrong choices and am generally rubbish

I’m not really sure how to do an UM, that summarises the situation, so I’ve just put the two in there.
Hoping you can clear the path a bit? I think I’m on my way by accepting that I need to feel the feeling, but need some help getting to the next stage.
In the meantime, pass the Chardonnay!
Thank you so much.