It all came back to me

So about a month ago i had a girls weekend with a dear friend and in the middle of that weekend she started to talk on the phone with another friend. And it pissed me off BUT i thought to myself i can not control what other people want to do. And i was “ok”
Then yesterday she told me she is coming back home for one night just so she could go to a concert with this friend. Also she can not say if she can come to my birthday party because she in the mountains working. I was sooo soo pissed!!!! She goes to a concert but cant come to my birthday party. So I answered in short offended ways. But she didn’t notice
I wrote another friend and told her. She told me I should talk to her because it’s not ok what she does. I took that as a confirmation to feel justify in my act. So I told her I was pissed! I know I make my own feelings. But this is hard!

I’ve done all the work.