It feels easier when I don’t believe

Hi Coaches,

I’d love your thoughts on the homework for this month.

I’m doing some dares and loving this exercise. One thing I’m noticing though, is when I don’t believe the thing is actually going to happen, it feels easy, and almost careless, to do it.

So for example, one of my dares was to ask a podcaster I know of if I could be on their show. At first I felt fear at the idea, but then when I was deciding to do it, I thought: She’s never going to even read this email from me anyway. So it felt safe and not scary to put it out there, because I didn’t believe she was even going to take me or ever respond.

Should I choose only dares that feel fear the whole way through? I want to be on a podcast, and the thought of being on one scares me, but I don’t believe they’ll even consider me, so I’m wondering if I’m doing this wrong?