It gets easier right?

Hi Brooke,
I am struggling with managing my brain around urges to emotionally eat, binge eat, eat sugar and carby foods, and drink alcohol. I don’t drink a lot at one time but regardless, it negatively affects me. I was doing really well for about 2 weeks. I was slimming down, feeling great. Whenever I had an urge to drink or eat something off protocol, by some miracle, my brain would say “but you want to stay on protocol for a very good reason and you are going to do it”. Usually that prefrontal cortex is nowhere to be found after 4:00pm.

So long story short, doing well then went to Montreal with my husband and I had planned to stay on protocol the whole time because I felt so strong. But there were nice restaurants with great wine and I hadn’t practiced going out to dinner and staying on protocol so I changed my mind and went off protocol a little every day. By the end of the trip I was binging on boxes of maple cookies in the hotel room at night after a full dinner with wine and dessert. I swore I would hop right back on protocol after the trip. It has been a week now and I just cant reign it in. If I could just get back to the place where it was easier. Then practice going out to dinner and staying on protocol etc. I think if I had more time staying on protocol under my belt before we went to Montreal then I would have been able to manage it.
I felt like I was really getting there with staying in the discomfort and feeling good about it. It was fun actually. I felt so powerful. It wasn’t even really all that uncomfortable. So then how did I get back to this place?

C: Protocol
T: It is impossible to maintain
F: defeated
A: Weak
R: Back to where I started

C: Protocol
T: I am learning how to avoid the pitfalls
F: hope
A: Try again
R: Learn to avoid pitfalls.

Will it get easier?