It is my first week on a job that is not helping my purpose

A few months ago I was laid off from a corporate job I thought I was great at but was burned out and sometimes hated it. Intellectually I know it was a great thing that happened to me because it gave me the opportunity to redefine my career while enjoying a severance package and unemployment benefits. My dream and purpose is to be an entrepreneur and I am working on it with a partner, we actually got our LLC oficially registered yesterday (super excited about that).

Before the whole business idea was formed I accepted a part time job teaching Spanish to very young children at a charter school, when I accepted that job I thought it was going to take very few hours a week and would be such a good opportunity to generate some cash (very little, it’s almost a volunteer job) and have the opportunity to contribute to a community very close to my heart.

Well, classes started this week and I feel that I am doing a terrible job as a teacher, I see the children well behaved with others and completely ignore me (I know I am comparing someone else’s end with my start). I also got a schedule that requires me to spend 12 hours a week in total when adding time for commuting, teaching and breaks in between groups and I am only paid 4.5 hours a week.

While doing my scholars homework today I came to the realization that the teaching job is not serving my purpose and is taking a lot of time and energy away from my entrepreneurial goals. I think I have to leave the job but of course I feel terrible about it for the following reasons: 1) the school year just started, I accepted the job back in June and now I will leave them stranded; 2) this will be my second job “failure” in the year, yes being laid off really hurt my ego and now this; 3) maybe I am quitting way too soon and need to spend more time to learn the class management techniques, then it will be easy

I also did one model on it, but have trouble filling in some blanks


C: Teaching job at CSC
T: I’m just wasting time and energy and I’m not even doing a good job
F: Frustrated, stupid
A: Keep trying to be a decent teacher to rescue my pride and truly help these children
R: spend more time and effort on this job instead of my start up business


C: Teaching job at CSC
T: I was very brave to try something completely new for me, I was well intended to help and contribute
F: brave, good person

I am stuck on the action, I can’t decide between the option to reinforce the feeling of vulnerability, bravery and keep trying to be a good teacher, or cut my losses, give notice and move on to spend more time in my own business?

Thanks for your help!