It just snuck up on me!

So I’m 57 now and all of a sudden I’m thinking …. I’ll be 60 before you know it and that’s old….and I’m not near ready to retire! Not that I want to retire, but rather I don’t feel financially safe! I’m making some big scary career moves this year. Not sitting still, but rather being proactive about my financial future. I don’t like the feeling of uncertainty. I keep running all the possible scenarios through my mind which is causing me thoughts of worry. Which obviously doesn’t serve me. It slows me down from getting things done. I am taking a lot of massive action to change the situation. Most days I’m great, but then some other days I feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and getting it done on time. I’m giving myself a timeframe. It started last July. I said that I had a year to accomplish the move and now it’s getting down to the wire. I’ve been working daily on chipping away at what needs to be done to get to the end goal. Every day I do take action to get there, but there are still so many things that need to happen for all of my plans to work out. I have had many doors close on me during this year but some have opened too. I have accomplished so much but yet have so much more to accomplish to get to July! It’s like setting an impossible goal but I need it to be possible so I’m focusing on making it happen no matter what. Any thoughts on this? I lost my mom last May and I’m still going through the grief of losing the only person in my world that had my back. I’m taking care of my 87year old sad and lonely dad now that mom is gone. I feel guilt if I don’t spend enough time with him as well. But there is so much to do to get to and past my huge goal by July. I’ve been finding scholars really helpful. Thanks for any advice about this issue.