It’s already done, I just have some work to do

I recently took on a responsibility that is bigger than I am used to having, where my performance will affect other people in a significant way. I’m stretching my comfort zone and re-evaluating what I am capable of. Along with this I’ve been dwelling on some anxiety-causing thoughts. This morning I ran a model and found that I was afraid that I would not be able to get my tasks done. I found relief in the thought, “It’s already done, I just have some work to do.” That did it for me.

My question is around self-honesty. In fact, my task list is not already fully created or done. However the relief I feel from the above thought is too good for me to let go of the thought. The freedom from anxiety is opening a way for me to move forward. My best thought about the above thought is “I can trust myself to think the thoughts that will get me where I want to be.”

Do you have any thoughts about thoughts being optional vs self-honesty? Thank you!