It’s always up to me!

Maybe why I am looping and annoyed with coaching is the answers are always: What is your thinking? What does your brain tell you? How do you want to go about it? HAIR PULLING!

Now that I found Brooke I cannot say “I don’t know” anymore because it made so much sense on her podcast how we can find better responses to locate those answers. But I’m exhausted with options – yes, pick one, what do you want?!! You get to choose. 🙂

Plus there may be past trauma, being a Libra and my mother, “For God’s sake JUST CHOOSE!” A former schoolmate, “You hate when people ask you questions” when I told her I was going to be a teacher. She’s right. I am a know it all and exhausted having to know and having to choose. And having to run all my businesses when I am tired.

C I don’t know
T I should know
F I don’t know shit
A Over-indulge in fantasy what if’s and always think I need help – then I exhaust those I ask to help me
R Stuck, not trusting myself and too tired to believe I can change