‘It’s just litter’

Not a question, more of a share because I think a miracle has just occurred. My teenage sons often leave the empty wrappers/cans/containers after snacking and don’t put them in the bin. For years, I have either ranted at them to do it (provoking action only after my emotions reach high point) or picked up after them complaining resentfully as I do. Today I said to myself ‘it’s just litter’ and picked it up and put it in the bin. I even asked myself “are you sure you don’t mind doing this?” and the answer was “no, I really don’t mind.” It’s no big deal. I am in awe. I’m just noticing how much energy was going into the complaining which is now energy I can direct into something more constructive. The circumstance has not changed at all, but my thought did. If I can change my thought about this circumstance, I can do anything.