It’s me! I know it is!

Hi Brooke,

This is my first month of SCS and I’m soooo excited. I’ve been following you for over a year now. So my situation is, I have a really bad habit of always trying to help people be better or change them should I say” I guess”. If they tell me their problems or say they want to do or accomplish something in their life. I’m front and center giving advice and trying to support. I often have people come to me specifically for advice. But 9 times out of 10 they don’t do anything I’ve suggested or even come to their own decision on how to get there. Then I either get upset or feel silly for even wasting my time (not upset to the point that I have attitude or stop dealing with the person but I feel some kind of way). Or the person get’s mad at me for what ever their reasoning is or I’m labeled as bougie and think I’m better than they are.

I really want to stop doing this because it makes me feel bad about myself and because I feel like i’m making people feel bad about themselves. But I just always get this overwhelming urge to say something and not just listen and let it go.