Its not an emergency… But "live like today could be your last!"

I struggle between two worlds. I feel like I need to get to my ideal weighr, declutter, and manage my money bettwe and NOW before I can settle into my purpose. Then I indulge in being overwhelmed and buffer.

I travel a lot for fun, I spend lots of time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my family. I work (my comoany thinks I am a VERY hard worker, but honestly, I don’t feel like I “show up” the way I could be…) and teach group fitness 4+ times a week on top of it. I’m part of a writing group, I love to read, and – of course – love time with my cat!

With all this, I sacrifice sleep and a clean house.

I TOTALLY relate to the burnout podcast and find a consistently alternate between all three types. I spend a week at a 3 before spiraling into a 2 for 2-4 weeks, getting results, and then falling back to a 1 and losing MOST of my progress.

This just happened, I lost 15 pounds and gained great muscle tone… Now im flabby and 10 pounds are back (minus the muscle!) and I feel like a failure.

How do I balance between wanting to live life to the fullest because I may not always be able to and … well… LIVING and maintaining?

Thank you for your gift of thoughtfulness and for sharing it with us. ❤️