It’s not enough

I’ve been doing so well and so I started to weigh myself daily. I’ve released weight almost every week this month. So this week I lost 1.8 lbs and so then I weighed the next day and I lost 0.4 and then I weighed the next day and I was up 2.2 lbs

THOUGHT: This isn’t working, It’s not enough. I’m never going to get below 200 again. This is a setback.

FEELING: discouraged, defeated, sad

DO: just stayed on the couch, had some BLTs (but caught myself and stopped) PIVOTED now writing ask a coach

I would like support because I notice patterns of thinking “not enough” and it always spirals. So the good news is I’m aware the next step is I need help with what to do next. Notice the thought…..and that’s where I need help to interrupt the emotional spiral from the “not enough” thought.