It’s not fair

C: dirty dishes are on all the counters and in both sinks, clean dishes are in the dishwasher, 2 cans are filled with trash in the bathrooms, 6 bags of trash are in the kitchen, 4 meals are unmade in the fridge
T: I’m going to have to do all of this without my husbands help even though he contributed to this and it’s not fair.
F: frustrated
A: ignore it, make snide comments, avoid much interaction with him, spin about it not being fair
R: I’m being unfair to myself

C: stays the same as above
T: I chose these things in my life and I’m choosing to take action
F: clear-headed
A: do the tasks or schedule them right away
R: it’s a non-issue

Bev and Kristas call in the CCP really helped me with this UIM. I’m on my way to believing my IM thought but the old one comes back so fast I barely notice it’s there. Do you have any tips for making my way to the new thought and for realizing I’ve made my way into my old model again? Thank you!