It’s the end of the day 10:22pm and I still haven’t sent emails and invoices I would like to check off my list.

Hello! I would like to make sure I am working through this thought correctly.

Unintentional Model:
C: haven’t sent emails or invoices today
T: I dont have the mental space or energy to do the work, My family needs me to be present with them after being away from my husband and toddler all day at work.
F: Lazy and tired
A: don’t get work done
R: My business suffers

Intentional Model:

C: havent sent emails etc today
T: I have enought time in my day to accomplish all that I need to get done.
F: Accomplished / Good
A:Get things I need DONE
R: Business thrives and clients are happy

i can tell you I still want to go to bed after this and just wake up and crush it… I hope…