I’ve been robbed!

Hi Brooke,

My former coach of mine said that he was interested in something I was writing for a magazine and asked me to send it to him. Now my content is included along with some additional content of his own in that same magazine in a front page cover article under his byline. What the heck?

I’ve tried reaching out to him and the editor (who also had the content from me before he had it from this other guy) collectively to see if there’s anything I’m not understanding here or if they can provide me some clarity but so far both have ignored me. I am dumbfounded, I feel robbed and I am upset and angry. I feel stepped on and I feel ignored.

To add to it, I hired this man and paid him money to get support during a very trying time in my life, and now being treated this way by him and then ignored when I ask for answers shakes my faith in humanity.


I also feel like this old boys club banded together to be complicit in stepping on me and shutting me out, and I cannot stand for it! What action does one in my situation take? What results do I want here? My life will go on, but I fear that this type of behavior, let unchecked, will not.

Thank you.