I’ve cheated


I cheated on my girlfriend 6 months ago – 1 week after we became officially in a relationship. I was extremely drunk at the time and hadn’t drank for 6 weeks prior to that day (as I had decided to quit because I knew it was a problem for me).

Since then I’ve not drank for 6 months. What happened was a real eye opener that I didn’t want drink in my life anymore.

I decided not tell my girlfriend about my cheating because we were so new into our relationship, and I knew my behaviour wasn’t due to unhappiness with her – it was just because of the alcohol and not being in my right mind. I felt that telling her would only cause her harm, and there’s hardly any chance of her finding out.

But 6 months has passed, and I’m still feeling a lot of guilt and anxiety about what happened.

I love her so much and I know I’ll never do anything like that again, but I’m 1) terrified she’ll find out (even though it’s unlikely) and 2) I’m wracked with guilt that I’m a bad girlfriend and a bad person for lying.

I just keep thinking I’m a fraud and a liar and an awful person – but telling her doesn’t seem like the right thing to do either, as it seems like it would only cause harm.