I’ve done a lot of work on that.

I hear Brooke say, “I’ve done a lot of work in that area on myself.” This means that she has improved herself in an area of her life and whatever issue she had, is no longer a problem for her (overeating, overdrinking, her mom, ect…).

I’ve also been told by coaches that the goal of the model is NOT to feel better. Rather, it is to create awareness, allow feelings to be there, and not buffer them. I also know that one is not supposed to jump from an unintentional model to an intentional one. One needs to feel and process the unintentional.

So I’m having a hard time understanding what work is being done to feel better or no longer have an issue with the unintentional. It’s not just awareness of the unintentional thought/feeling, but one needs to move past awareness at some point to the intentional model. But when?

And how do you know when to move to the intentional? I feel stuck at the unintentional model and haven’t wrapped my head around when I move to the intentional….if at all. Why do an intentional model if I’m not supposed to go there…?

I feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing for me with understanding the process cognitively. Is there something I’m missing in my understanding of how this works? Or is it super abstract that I’m not supposed to understand it? That gradually with time I will just start feeling better in certain areas of my life because of awareness and managing my mind better? That there isn’t anything concrete about the process?

I like knowing where I was and then where I need to go and the steps to get there. But I feel this is a concept I haven’t grasped yet. Help me understand, please…