I’ve got it!

Brooke! This is Kamila–I wrote my first question about adding value a few days ago and knew I wouldn’t get a response for a few days since it was a Friday afternoon. I kept watching the Money Series and on Saturday I listened to Bonus Call #1 clicked! I had been trying to act my way to a solution from the same scarcity mindset that got me to my current circumstances. I did some more thought work and realized that I had a thought that “I’m ok financially right now but I might not be in the future so I need to save my money and be cautious”. Up until doing the work, this thought was completely subconscious. When I looked back on my life, I realized I’ve ALWAYS had more than enough money. My new conscious thought (which is totally true) is “I’ve always had more than enough money and I always will”. What a difference!

I had been believing my mind when it chattered and told me I couldn’t make more money without working harder or committing more time. As you suggested, I’ve decided to let go of those limiting beliefs and to instead believe that it is easy for me to make lots of money! I now believe I can make $100K+ this year doing something that I love and then I shifted to my future self and asked her how I did it. Then it came to me, I made it by expanding my Adjunct Instructor side business! I’m already doing it, I love it and it’s easy for me. Brooke, I feel like I’ve unlocked the key to the Universe. Seriously! Now it’s Sunday and I’ve updated my resume and reached out to two Universities to let them know I’m available. I’ll continue to research more Universities to contact. I also have ideas for how I can add more value to my current jobs! I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.

The one question I have is this: when I thought about creating an extra $20K by the end of the year as a challenge, it made me feel tense. How do you create big (even impossible) goals for yourself with a deadline without feeling negative emotion if you don’t achieve it? I know it’s just a thought I’m not thinking yet and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

Thanks again, Brooke. This is so fun!