Jam!…No one ever told me!

For me, this month’s work+ lasts months work.=’s I had no idea I could pick which “jam” I liked!!! HUGE! And crazy that I am just realizing this. I am a happy, content, glass 7/8 full kind of girl, who picks herself up by the bootstraps, and does the work in front of me, and spends more time on “accepting” with my current life than in actively choosing what I want my life to be. I was pretty good at it B.B., (Before Brooke… another time delineation, B.C., A.D., B.B, an important one in my life for sure!), your work has only made me better at being where I am, without drama and manuals. Can you point me to a podcast, or any teachings that speak to acknowledging what one’s “jam” is and that it is ok and necessary to like the jam you like? And how to really identify the “jam” I like?

Making Jam in Montana