I have someone connecting me with an investor and they work well together.

Well, the relationship jumped on me shortly after the investor meeting. Additionally, he pulled me into an intimate deep hug that I did not agree too. We don’t hug that way and never have and that’s just not ok with me.

So then I’m waking up to this situation that he seems to not be understanding platonic, and is just putting me into a deep hug when I was just offering a small polite social hug – he’s a big guy and did the other thing. And pressed his face up against mine.

So now he text me to inquire about the investor And I had put an errant ! In the text & didn’t notice.
He assumes it’s there on purpose and text a couple ! Back and then apparently he makes it mean something Because he adds “I’m just trying to help”

So I can see his psychology but I need help w/ mine.

Basically my mind is going around & around on it fearing he will cause an issue w/ the investment.

Basically – after the hug – I realized his intentions and desires are way off from what I’ve ever offered etc. so I knew I’d most likely have to discuss it at some point and let him know these are my boundaries. And see what result I get…. if he can’t handle it – I’m out of the relationship.

Then a side note is one of his partners has assaulted me and keeps getting up on my body and now that I’ve identified 100% this is happening – I will never deal with him in any capacity again – so it’s pretty icky all around in my opinion.

I guess I’m asking for help with my mind and thinking. I feel like I’m at the mercy of the situation instead of like this is a crappy crappy situation, it totally sucks that men often are assaulting and grabbing me and putting their bullshit on me and I am capable and strong and have clear boundaries.

It’s not my job to take care of his mental health but being in this relationship – I feel this pull to go pat him on the head and reassure him that he’s just making assumptions about exclamation points and making em’ mean shit they don’t. 🙄🙄