January homework: it feels like I’m repeating myself

Hi everyone
I’m finally starting my January work and it feels like I keep repeating myself with each questions.
For instance in day 1, I’m mostly talking about my body in both questions, when I look at myself in the mirror all I see is rolls of fat and pretty much nothing else so I’ve basically filled up the page with hateful things about my body and how I look. Was I supposed to have different answers to both questions?
For day 2, the Who I am question, I… well. I don’t know really so I’m more describing feelings about me: I’m full of fears, I’m jealous of people, I’m living in the past… basically what I also answered for day 5 and 6.
I keep wondering if I’m doing these exercices right or if I’m missing something, which in turn would prevent January’s work to be all that it could be.
Any insights would be most welcome, thanks!