January work

I’m so grateful for January’s focus on self-coaching. It’s a practice I’ve taken seriously – I thought – all year, but really focusing on it these past five days has been a game-changer. I see where I have been denying myself so much by not doing a TD and models every day as a practice in the past.
I’d spent the last few days of December in a funk for many reasons and kept telling myself it was just a post-holiday thing. But when I started doing the January workbook all the thoughts came to the surface and I realized that I had been slowly poisoning myself with my own thoughts…no wonder I felt like shit.
In the past 5 days, I’ve strengthened my commitment to my food protocol and losing these last 40 pounds, my financial and business goals, and made the switch from making to-do lists to calendaring for RESULTS. Bam! All this from intentionally doing the work of getting thoughts out of my head and on to paper and using them to decide my life instead of letting life decide for me. <3 You are the freaking bomb. See you at the Modelthon!