Hi, Thank you for your time.

Sometimes I find myself on social media getting jealous of other people when they say how they got a promotion or talk about a new leadership position they are taking on. I feel that they are bragging or acting too proud, etc.

Then I start to reflect on why this is bothering me.

I think it is because I feel left out; that someone else is showing them respect or someone else is saying that they matter.

Because I am my own business owner, I have my own meeting and event company, I do not have a boss or manager saying to me – good job, I am going to promote you next month, etc.

Maybe I am looking to myself to show myself more respect.
Maybe I want to post more online about what I think about meetings and events … or what I think about being a Co-Chair about a Gala event, etc. Maybe if I focus on these things then it will not matter to me as much if someone else is posting about what great things they are doing or have been promoted to, etc.

I am sure I should do a model on this 🙂

Thank you for any thoughts!